An Innovative Beauty Technique that will Change Your Life What Is Microblading?

Natural 3D Microblading

Natural 3D Microblading

Microblading is a Semi- Permanent Eyebrow Enhancing Procedure that has many names Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D or 6D hair strokes, Featherstroking, and Microstroking (my personal favorite).  The goal is to simulate real eyebrow hair by applying natural hair-like strokes to your brow area. It is done with a super fine blade that is made up of sterile, sharp needles that are neatly lined up in a row.

Microblading falls under the umbrella of Permanent Makeup, but the tool is not a machine. It is handheld and disposable. This tool is then dipped into the pigment color we select, this allows the pigment to be implanted into the superficial layer of the skin.

The proper pigments used in Microblading are different than traditional tattoos and won't fade into an icky unnatural color. The pigment is iron oxide based that is also found in most makeup. the iron oxides in the pigment allow the color to soften and eventually disappear, coining the term semi-permanent.

Don't be alarmed at the word tattoo either,  this method follows your natural hair growth pattern and looks like how your brows would if they were fuller.

Microblading originated in Asia many years ago and has become very popular in the United States around 2014. Shari Saint has been performing this innovative technique since late 2015. With the proper experience and skill coupled with the client's diligence to following the aftercare, Microblading will result in beautiful, natural looking eyebrows.

No need to wake up and fill in your brows every morning. Give your self a little freedom and forget the past, whether you've over plucked or just can't stand your natural shape, Microblading will change your life.


This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is going to save you time in the morning and give you the confidence you need to conquer your day!

Microblading is a two step process. The initial procedure takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. A professional artist should include the touch up (perfecting session ) appointment in the total price.

Not only is the healing stage a process, but so is the microblading treatment itself. The first appointment is essential for laying a good foundation, but the final touch up appointment is where the process is completed. Trust the process!

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