Combinations Brows = Microblading & Microshading for the Perfect Brow What are Combination Brows?

Combination Brows aka Fusion Brows offer the best of the both most popular Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures to date. Microblading & Microshading.  Treat yourself to this amazing brow treatment. To achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow both hair strokes and a powdered background are applied. The inner brow is feathered with hair strokes while the body of the brow and the tails to achieve the perfect definition with a soft  powder wash.


What is Microshading? This is a soft manual technique of powdering of your brow with pigment. It gives your microbladed brows that look of being filled in with your favorite makeup. A sterile, single use hand tool is used to apply the pigment in a stippling motion.  It fades in a similar way to your microbladed brows. It creates a Gorgeous, Realistic look to your new brows.

Still confused between the two? Answer some questions below to see if Combination Brows aka Fusion Brows are great for you:

  • Do you fill in your brows everyday using pencil, powder or pomade?
  • Do you have old pmu that the fine hair like strokes of microblading may not hide?
  • Are your natural brow hairs uneven and misshapen?

Some times Microblading just isn't enough. If you answered yes to any of those questions then Combo Brows is your path to WOW Brows! Enjoy the shape, definition and look you desire once and for all!! Book your appointment at Shari Saint's Long Island Microblading Studio.


Combination Brows

Combination Brows


This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is going to save you time in the morning and give you the confidence you need to conquer your day!

The initial procedure takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. The first appointment is essential for laying a good foundation, but the final touch up appointment is where the process is completed. Trust the process!

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